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Everyone loves solving puzzles and getting involved with crossword problems, regardless of the age category they may fall into. WordBrain Cheats Their mind boggling and extremely challenging nature appeals to all section of the people, and, its hardly surprising that they have gained such a mass following amongst one and all. From newspapers to magazines, crosswords and puzzles seem to find an eminent presence everywhere. Their complexity and intricate nature, these are the very two qualities that characterize these games in the proper sense of the term. However, some puzzles and crosswords seem to be just too difficult to solve. The answers to their solutions seem to be well away from our grasp, despite the mental strain that we seem to exert over them. WordBrain Cheats is a site that has been created precisely for those crossword lovers and puzzle fans who find themselves trapped in the middle of a complex puzzle or an eccentric looking crossword, and seem unable to find their way out.

WordBrain Cheats – The Fun Way To Solve Puzzles And Crosswords!

WordBrain Cheats

WordBrain Solver Cheats is a site that has been created by all the devoted fans of crossword and puzzle. This amazing site has answers to every level of the game. And, no matter in which stage of the game you may find yourself stuck in, this site contains solutions and answers to each and every stage of the game. The answers that are contained in this game allow you to sail through every level of the game without posing any major obstruction in your path. In short, it makes problem solving an enjoyable experience.


Something About The Game

WordBrain is a game that is a unique blend of several games rolled into one. Confused? What it means is that this amazing game has a little component of word sleuthing, crossword and chess, all bundled into one wonderful whole game. It enables you to have an awesome gaming experience. Now, each pack contains a set of puzzles. To begin with, initially, the grid that appears on the screen is 2 x 2. If you think you have the correct answer to the question, just swipe your finger and spell out the word. Its that simple, yet entertaining. If you have the correct answer to the question, then, the letters will simply fall into the open slots provided for that word. The size of the grid is inversely proportional to the number of correct answers that you are able to give. The greater the number of correct answers, the bigger the size of the grid. During the course of the game, once you have moved into the 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 packs, the letters will continue falling down, provided however, that they are correct and that they fit the slot. In case, however, there are spaces remaining in the puzzle, the letters will tend to shift. The game contains a bit of the element of chess in the sense that the words have to guessed in a proper order, or, chronologically. The number of words that you will have to find will get bigger depending on the size of the grid. All in all, its a highly entertaining game that succeeds in capturing one’s imagination at every level of the game. Also, as the level of difficulty tends to increase in the game, so does the excitement and mental challenge required to complete the game. Its highly entertaining.

WordBrain Solver – All The Answers At Your Fingertip!

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WordBrain Solver is an associated site of WordBrain Cheats, whereby you can enter all the letters that you wish to from the grid. What this site then does is that it provides a list of words that can be spelled along with the letters. This site features fifteen games and there are an enormous 580 levels per language. In addition, video walk through have been added for every level, and if you happen to get stuck anywhere during the course of the game, a step by step guide has been provided to help you out. So, just enjoy the game and have a lifetime of a experience.

How To Download?

This game, being compatible for iPhone, can be downloaded from App Store. All you have to do is visit the website and click on the icon “download”. Let the device do the rest of the work for you.

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